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Peekaboo I see you little Bluebelly. Tiny little baby barely an inch long. #bluebelly #westernfencelizard #beachlife #funwithfamily #quicktrip #nature #socal
So this is what Hell looks like! 😳 #spidernest #naturesbeauty #horror #bitten #nature #spider Can you “like” it? Let’s see how brave you are 😂
Beautiful but heartbreaking celebration of life for Jessi @petersenmuseum this evening. Honored to be part of the circle. Great to see friends and share stories in loving memory. Thank you @terry_madden for having us and staying true to her vision ...
In the devastating and shocking wake of the High Tide cancellation by the California Dept of Parks due to a mystery discrepancy with the promoters, Dad has made a special announcement. Please check his social media. In addition I’ll be ...
Ohhhhh it arrived thanks to www.backissues.com 🥳🎉🎉 Now to see what’s inside!! #bigmystery #timecapsule #backissue @caranddriver @sammyhagar #ratrunnersgarage
Jeep is not happy about the weather either 😂 #jeepthedog #earlywinter #feelslikesunday
Is that.....SNOW??? Yes, it’s snowing in Tahoe 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’m not ready for this 🥺
Just rolled this interesting number on my beloved M3! Isn’t it strange how when we were growing up that 25,000 miles was “time to trade it in” yet we are passionate about restoring that car long after its become a ...
Let me clarify, these photos are from the previous owner, they are old. The car currently looks pretty tidy and near this. But there is much work to do. This is not a current restoration. Posted @withrepost • @bubbasexoticmotorsports IEATZ28
Well it is CONFIRMED!! I was waiting to announce it, but they did first, so we are READY, SET, GO for the @hightidebeachparty Dad’s original Trans Am is on its way. You will see it in person for the first ...
I was hoping Dad would post this photo in his tribute to his old lifelong friend. I believe it started in 1976 when the late Bill Graham took them both under his wing. Two up and coming artists in the ...
Posted @withrepost • @shiftsteermedia A big show this week as we discuss @kevinhart4real accident, the new @porsche also going 300+ in a @bugatti and Dad’s #transam
All this week on @shiftsteermedia on @podcastone @itunes and our website.
Well look here! Thank you @joebonamassa for including me in this old photo. Lol. Yes indeed. Bloodline! I think if I remember Berry and I had been up all night writing a song. We were spent! 😂 I look miserable! ...
Ahhhh Ha!!! So this is where it started!! Proof! Circa 1983. Thanks Pop 👊😘👍 #carguy @caranddriver @sammyhagar @shiftsteermedia #lamborghini #carmagazine #lifeisgreat #thankful #history
REALLY excited about this little jewel that was dropped off yesterday!! Thank you so much Joe!! A rare and unusual item. Anyone know what this is??? 🧐hmmmm? #unususl #oddity #rare #preservingoldmetal #vintage #50s #ratrunnersgarage #thankful #gratitude
Spotted!! The elusive 🎱 Mini caught ripping around Tahoe yesterday!! 😂 thank you for the spy photo Rosie and Sue. I hope it brought a smile to your day!! #minicooper #ispy #chasingclassiccars #ratrunnersgarage @shiftsteermedia #lifeisgood #minilife #miniac
An important episode remembering our late friend Jessi Combs ❤️😞❤️ Posted @withrepost • @shiftsteermedia LISTEN NOW: https://bit.ly/2m2QJMx
Episode 201
Remembering @TheJessiCombs
Driving the #rangeroversvautobiography
Talking about
Singer Porsche
Thank you @rockinmonkey for your great products. I’ll be putting in another order ASAP !! If you want amazing quality decals check these guys out! They do all my work these days! Great stuff as some of you know that ...
This is one of many very special photos I’ve managed to save over the years. My moms late father Chester actually drove the Trans Am across the country from West Virginia and delivered it to Pop. Notice the license plate ...
Happy anniversary #streetmachine well, the cats out of the bag pop @sammyhagar I’ve been trying to acquire it secretly for years right here in Ca. It’s in Florida now with the fine folks @transamdepot trying to get them to the ...
Its a beautiful day for a drive!! #pinzgauer #4x4 #twinpeaks #laketahoe #lifeisgood #thankful @shiftsteermedia #ratrunnersgarage
Really excited about this one!! Big Nick and I flew down to SoCal, picked up the Woody Wagon and El Camino, stopped at the studio and did the show live and in person! Great time! Thank you for all the ...
Whooooaaa #tbt these were the pre beard golden years of film life. Working on “Spaced Invaders” aka Martian’s with my long life friends and masters @criswell111 @gregaronowitz and a slough of other extreme talent. Miss working with you amazing folks. ...
Well today we lost another friend in the automotive world. She was doing what she loved. A real badass and #therealdeal Jessi Combs was one of those rare people you meet that you know is on a mission of greatness. ...
The reveal!! My buddy Dave Lawicka’s work. A long day and I’m sure just as long in post, and well worth the effort!! Thank you my man! Epic!! #redvoodoo #photography #paintingwithlight #ratrod #outlaw #ratrunnersgarage @shiftsteermedia #thankful
I HATE it when that happens. Mid junction to the rear brakes from the master. Now I have to do it the right way with the correct fitting. That means cutting, replacing and reflairing the ends. Then bleed the whole ...
Found this online. Matchbox Mini from England circa 1975. When I opened the package and held it in my hand, I suddenly realized that I had this when I was a little kid!!! I’m so happy to have found it ...
I love when photographers rent the shop for photo sessions!! A true honor to have a place and relics they are inspired to photograph. Btw, not their photo, they are shooting from the side 😉 can’t wait to see the ...
Now I understand why It was running so poorly. There are three problems here. Can you name all three. One may not be as obvious? #troublesinparadise #autotrivia #funwithfriends @shiftsteermedia @oreillyautoparts @officialacdelco
Our Colorado friends showed up with a very cool quirky gift 😂👍 I love it!! Thank you Corns family @plymouthair_radialtruck for the relic!!! #warbird #coolstuff #preservingoldmetal #ratrunnersgarage @shiftsteermedia #thankful 🤔 hmmmmm what shall we do with it?? Leave your thoughts ...
Classic and Muscle making the long haul from Palm Springs back to Tahoe! No AC. Life’s a great adventure #lifesfundealwithit #longhaul #funwithfriends #chevylove #classiccar #thankful #ilovemyjob @shiftsteermedia
Peak to Peak Rally part 3 The final installment of the P2P Rallye. Please enjoy this artistic and retro short film celebrating the beauty of Colorado in the fall. The soundtrack is the fitting “I was young when I left home” by Bob Dylan.
Peak 2 Peak Rallye part 3 An artistic and vintage presentation of the final installment of the P2P Rallye, set to the incredibly appropriate and moving Bob Dylan track from the 60’s “I left home when I was young”. Enjoy and look back through the senses ...
SeaBreacher Adventure An epic demo ride in the most amazing little water rocket! A really amazing and exciting experience!
Check them out at:
And in Lake Tahoe area:
Road to the Quail Driving the Woody Wagon from Tahoe to Carmel Valley. Participating in the Quail. Then the long road home.
Preparing the Woody Wagon In preparation for Monterey Car week and showing at the Quail I had to drive the Woody Wagon down to Sacramento to my friend’s muffler shop to upgrade and dial in a custom exhaust.
Casa Ferrari 720 An epic and amazing day cruising down the California coast with Ferrari!
Syracuse Nationals 16 HD A view of the annual Syracuse Nationals event including Artie's Party in HD
Woody in Cabo Delivering the Woody Wagon into the Cabo Wabo Lake Tahoe. NOT an easy feat I must say!!!
Shift and Steer promo thanks A little thank you plug for our show Shift and Steer
Racing Rides People places
Sabina roadtrip A little father daughter summer memory
Syracuse 4 Video number 4 of the Syracuse Nationals show with Shift and Steer
Syracuse 5 Shift and Steer at the Syracuse Nationals. Interview and detail with Dave Tucci of Tucci Hot Rods in his awesome Rat Rod!!
BobbleHead Video first cut This video is about BobbleHead repair. Send it back!!! But if you want to fix yours here's a few ways how 😉 Silly, campy and fun how to video for your entertainment more than solution....
Get on your Norton and Ride First official ride on the old Norton. Just around the block, all seems to be in order. It didn't want to idle just yet so I had to keep it rev'd. A little more carb tweaking.
Pinkletons Popcorn edited Just a fun silly video with my dog Jeep, thanking and admiring my old friend Jonathan Jackson Poe and his amazing Pinkletons Curious Caramel Corn!! It is truly amazing!!!
She runs Norton vid Nick and I in the shop getting the old Norton running. Been sitting for over 18 years without being run. A little oil in the crank smoking at the end, but she runs well. A tuneup and she's back on ...
Thank you Dad Norton vid An emotional Thank you to Dad and introducing the fans to the 1975 Norton 850 Commando heirloom that was just passed down.
Shift and Steer Stooges A funny spoof from the Shift and Steer Boys, Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar
Second thank you Norton vid After getting the old Norton running I made a second video for Instagram for Dad thanking him once again for this fantastic gift!
Rat Runners Garage Burnouts Just getting my video chops together. Some fun practice.. Enjoy the mayhem,
Aaron and the RRG crew
RRG Sizzle Video Aaron edit 1 Here is the Sizzle/Music Video I did for our Rat Runners Garage. It's simply in iMovie, but I hope it yields some fun and interest. I love this stuff!!! Enjoy.

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