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I’d like to take a moment and share this outstanding piece of art I received today. I’m a bit of a Frankenstein fan if you didn’t know. This is a life size sculpture by the legendary @tomkuebler If your not ...
Peekaboo Spring, I see you!! A few more days of snowfall and let the green begin!! #waitingforspring #letsgotopless #nature #laketahoe
We saw a Tornado (I’m being corrected that it’s a Dust Devil as it’s a ground origin) in Reno yesterday!! Whaaaaat? Looked harmless. Was on the edge of town in an undeveloped area. It was beautiful and perfect. Didn’t look ...
“Social Distancing” #fail #ratrunnersgarage #toocloseforcomfort #packedforwinter And Red VooDoo is gone!! One has to wonder how it was that I fit one more thing in here!! 🤦🏻‍♂️ @shiftsteermedia Oh yea, and happy first day of spring!! 😂🥶
Can I be done clearing snow now please?? Again today! I think we are getting a break for awhile. Rain and a dusting at night for the next 10 days. My best friend is a heating pad right now 😒 ...
My favorite meme so far!! Thank you buddy @whimsical_trash BRILLIANT! Sooooo true!
It is eerily silent as the snow fills the voids and blankets the landscape.
Cheers to a perfect Sunday morning. Leftover Himalayan scramble with a side of Chai and my favorite new show 😉 the mini episode is awesome!! @mikebrewer @britishmotorheritage @motortrendtv @shangrilahimalayan #lifeisgood #itscoldoutside #socialdistancing #leftovers #greattv #nextepisode #food
Friday, Sat, Sun. Crazy how things can change overnight! Another 18” due today! So I can’t wait to post on Monday!!! Be safe folks. It’s crazy out there! #someonetpdmyfrontyard #winterwonderland #itwasspringyesterday #gooddayfornetflix #icanseeclearlynowthatspringhasgone
Got this little bit of kit in the mail!! Nice surprise from my friend @chrisduketv looks like I won a little online giveaway!! Awesome!! Excited to try this out! And the extra little @craftsman goodies!! #craftsmantoolsrock !!Thank you so much ...
Ohhhhh which vehicle is this going to be for?? Stay tuned. There’s some trouble brewing 😉 @jen1raptor Thank you @borlaexhaust @davidborla This is going to be fun!!! #soundoff #raptorbuild #thankful #staytuned #ratrunnersgarage @shiftsteermedia @mufflertech
Thank you so much @dnagano for sending me one of your hand made shirts! I love it! Your fashion creations are wildly fun and unique! I’m so happy seeing your creative and amazing sense of humor are intact and thriving ...
#tbt Like I keep telling my wife, “Sweetheart, I WAS @aviatornation “ circa 1977 #fashionicon #childhood #fashionrepeat #retro
Posted @withregram • @shiftsteermedia This week Brad and Aaron tell you about the amazing 1700hp @koenigsegg and other all of the electronic press conferences that replaced the Geneva Auto Show. Listen on @iTunes @PodcastOne or our website
@aviatornation store in Mill Valley giving some love to Pop!! Pretty cool! Thank you for keeping it local! This store and fashion is totally my MV 70’s childhood 😂 good on ya folks!!! #aviatornation #fashion #70s #itsafamilything #thankful @michaela_hagar @sammyhagar ...
Soooo excited!! Red VooDoo has arrived safely @kickeraudio headquarters in Stillwater Oklahoma where she will be getting some improvements and upgrades! Get ready to rumble! Thank you for always being part of our life! We worship sound!! #livinloud #kicker #audiophile ...
It’s coming!! Remember that little secret I was keeping? Well tune in beginning tomorrow and you’ll find out!! Subscribe to @motortrendtv and catch all the episodes including ours 😉 !!! I’m sooooo excited!! Thank you @mikebrewer and the fantastic crew ...
Oh yea, I forgot it’s still winter!! Yesterday was 60 degrees and sunny. Not a speck of snow. Today.....5” and counting. #snow #tahoe #forgotitswinter #dealwithit
Red VooDoo gets top shelf treatment with @reliablecarriers as she heads to Stillwater Oklahoma to visit the fine folks @kickeraudio for some upgrades and audio tweaking! REALLY excited!! This is a very special event for our history together. Hopefully the ...
Posted @withregram • @shiftsteermedia This week we talk Gremilins and @guniwheel plus some trick @f1 steering innovation. Listen on @itunes @podcastone or our website.
Posted @withregram • @shiftsteermedia Last week we spoke about the @aaronhagar Defender crazy RoboCop looking car on @bringatrailer and more.
ADORABLE. What else can I say? Jeep the dog was out cold!!! We sure do love this little guy. #frenchbulldog #frenchie #flatnosedogsociety #dog #littlebuddy #thegoodlife
The elusive Giant Pacific Octopus was in rare form the other day at the @montereybayaquarium AND on my Birthday!! In all these years we’ve never seen him out and about!! What a treat! Gorgeous! HUGE! #redheadsrock #octopus #naturesbeauty #seacreature #lucky ...
You’ve been asking what’s the secret to my happiness and success? #bobrossenergy THANK YOU FOR 10k FOLLOWERS!!! #lifegoals #gettingthere #winner #sugarhigh #thankful #lifeisgreat #ilovemyjob @bobross_thejoyofpainting AND.... on my 50th birthday!! That’s a pretty special treat!!
Amazing day with my beautiful family exploring the Big Sur coast. #birthdayweekend #familygetaway #explorimgthecoast #bigsur #lifeisgreat #thankful #family #oldcoastroad #coastalparadise
Amazing day with my beautiful family exploring the Big Sur coast. #birthdayweekend #familygetaway #explorimgthecoast #bigsur #lifeisgreat #thankful #family
Beautiful patina wall on the backside of Gorilla’s little BBQ caboose!! #roadtrip @gorillabbq Always great to see our friends and mange on some fine grub!! Thank you Rich!! #cowsarevegans #food #bbq #littleholiday #lifeisgreat #thankful #patina #pacifica
On this day 02/20/2020
My very special sweetheart is becoming a US Citizen. Let the swearing begin!! Swearing in begin! 🤦🏻‍♂️ Very proud of you @michaela_hagar let this epic day mark the beginning of a new equality together. Welcome citizen ...
You know how I love vintage and patina!! There’s nothing better than old craftsmanship!! Brought home my old Machinists toolbox and put all my favorite fine art drawing and inking tools and supplies in their proper place! #fineart #vintage #drawing ...
So this big guy walked across the fence today!! Bobcat!! Gorgeous. I stood at the window and he just strutted by. Jeep had a tantrum 😂 first one I’ve ever seen in the yard, let alone walking the fence! #naturerocks ...
I just want to take a moment to say Thank You!!! I have some very special friends and I am very grateful to each and every one of them. We share passions and once and awhile time. Cheers to you ...
Edd China’s couch Riding along with Edd in San Francisco
Peak to Peak Rally part 3 The final installment of the P2P Rallye. Please enjoy this artistic and retro short film celebrating the beauty of Colorado in the fall. The soundtrack is the fitting “I was young when I left home” by Bob Dylan.
Peak 2 Peak Rallye part 3 An artistic and vintage presentation of the final installment of the P2P Rallye, set to the incredibly appropriate and moving Bob Dylan track from the 60’s “I left home when I was young”. Enjoy and look back through the senses ...
SeaBreacher Adventure An epic demo ride in the most amazing little water rocket! A really amazing and exciting experience!
Check them out at:
And in Lake Tahoe area:
Road to the Quail Driving the Woody Wagon from Tahoe to Carmel Valley. Participating in the Quail. Then the long road home.
Preparing the Woody Wagon In preparation for Monterey Car week and showing at the Quail I had to drive the Woody Wagon down to Sacramento to my friend’s muffler shop to upgrade and dial in a custom exhaust.
Casa Ferrari 720 An epic and amazing day cruising down the California coast with Ferrari!
Syracuse Nationals 16 HD A view of the annual Syracuse Nationals event including Artie's Party in HD
Woody in Cabo Delivering the Woody Wagon into the Cabo Wabo Lake Tahoe. NOT an easy feat I must say!!!
Shift and Steer promo thanks A little thank you plug for our show Shift and Steer
Racing Rides People places
Sabina roadtrip A little father daughter summer memory
Syracuse 4 Video number 4 of the Syracuse Nationals show with Shift and Steer
Syracuse 5 Shift and Steer at the Syracuse Nationals. Interview and detail with Dave Tucci of Tucci Hot Rods in his awesome Rat Rod!!
BobbleHead Video first cut This video is about BobbleHead repair. Send it back!!! But if you want to fix yours here's a few ways how 😉 Silly, campy and fun how to video for your entertainment more than solution....
Get on your Norton and Ride First official ride on the old Norton. Just around the block, all seems to be in order. It didn't want to idle just yet so I had to keep it rev'd. A little more carb tweaking.
Pinkletons Popcorn edited Just a fun silly video with my dog Jeep, thanking and admiring my old friend Jonathan Jackson Poe and his amazing Pinkletons Curious Caramel Corn!! It is truly amazing!!!
She runs Norton vid Nick and I in the shop getting the old Norton running. Been sitting for over 18 years without being run. A little oil in the crank smoking at the end, but she runs well. A tuneup and she's back on ...
Thank you Dad Norton vid An emotional Thank you to Dad and introducing the fans to the 1975 Norton 850 Commando heirloom that was just passed down.
Shift and Steer Stooges A funny spoof from the Shift and Steer Boys, Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar
Second thank you Norton vid After getting the old Norton running I made a second video for Instagram for Dad thanking him once again for this fantastic gift!
Rat Runners Garage Burnouts Just getting my video chops together. Some fun practice.. Enjoy the mayhem,
Aaron and the RRG crew
RRG Sizzle Video Aaron edit 1 Here is the Sizzle/Music Video I did for our Rat Runners Garage. It's simply in iMovie, but I hope it yields some fun and interest. I love this stuff!!! Enjoy.

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